Machine Servicing & Support

printing-machine-servicingAs specialists in the Printing Machinery Industry, Leapfrog Machinery offers a Machine Support Service for New & Used Printing & Heat Press Machines  purchased from us.

Our technicians and sales personnel are highly experienced and can quickly assess your machine to determine the problem.


In addition to providing Screen Printing Machinery Support, we also offer services to keep your screen printing machinery working well. We have Vacuum Blanket Replacement, Dryer & Flash Cure Replacement Parts and Payne Lamp Replacements. Simply call Leapfrog Machinery for pricing and help.


Where possible we request that smaller/lighter machines are sent to our Hornsby Workshop via courier as we can provide a better service at a lower cost to you by eliminating the potential for multiple technician visits while parts are sourced.

For customers interested in selling your second hand printing machine  we can provide a good assessment on your machine’s saleability as it currently stands and the opportunity to sell it through Leapfrog Machinery.

Don’t sit around with an under-performing machine, sell it!

Contact Us today for more information on our Screen Printing Machine Support Services.