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View our range of DTG Dryers designed specifically to boost curing for digital white ink.


DTG Dryers are an ideal way to cure DTG prints as they utilise a number of methods to both increase the cure rate while achieving brighter more vibrant colours without any chance of material bruising.


DTG Dryers offer the ability to reach the desired curing temperatures and hold them consistently at this rate while the garment proceeds through the conveyor belt. Air flow within the heat chamber helps the heat to penetrate the garment while drawing the moisture out; which is essential for best DTG curing results.


In most shops, the DTG dryer will increase the efficiency and number of garments able to be cured per hour. The conveyor dryer will also enable print shops to reduce the amount of labour required whilst curing their DTG prints. You can leave the dryer running and add your printed garments as they are ready, leaving them to drop into a box at the end for folding later. No longer will you need to operate a machine for each individual garment to cure your DTG prints.


Improvements in technology with Conveyor dryers also means that you no longer need a very long dryer to cure DTG. You can achieve DTG curing in dryers that are as small as 1.2 metres long – making DTG dryers now a suitable option for print shops of all sizes.


DTG Dryers are also ideal for printers using water-based inks as the increased air flow will also help achieve a faster, better cure rate for this substrate.



Improve the curing time of your DTG garments while achieving outstanding results.


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