Flash Cure Units

Rapid Wave Automatic Flash Cure Unit

Offering fast flash curing to save energy while keeping your production levels […]

Comet Prime Flash Cure Unit

Evenly cure even the most sensitive garments with the Anatol Comet Prime […]

Comet Lite – Manual Quartz Flash Cure Unit

Get the speed and efficiency of Quartz Flash Cure with the Comet […]

FlashBoss Quartz Flash Cure Unit

The next generation Flash Cure Unit to save you time and money! […]

RedFlash – Premium Flash Cure Unit

The RedFlash Infrared Flash Cure Unit offers a high wattage and coil […]

F Series Infrared Flash Cure Units

The F Series Infrared Flash Cure Units offer quality entry level flash […]

The Ergo-flash Ceramic Flash Cure Unit

The Ergo-flash Ceramic Flash Cure Unit is a masterpiece of Technology and Design. […]

The screen printing flash dryer, also known as a flash curing unit or flash curer or spot dryer is used to quickly dry the top layer of ink just enough to be able to lay the next colour down without pickup of ink on the back of that following screen. Flash dryers are usually used when printing multi colours wet-on-wet on dark fabrics while using opaque or high cover inks.


Leapfrog Machinery has a range of knowledge on Flash Cure Units and would be happy to help you find the FCU to best suit your printing needs.

The different types of Flash Cure Units and what they offer:

  1. Quartz Flash – An Automatic On/Off switching flash unit using Infra-Red Quartz elements. This allows instant heating and so heat is only activated when needed thereby saving power and scorched shirts. The printer activates the flash by rotating the carousel bases, where a micro switch trigger is positioned to detect movement. A variable timer determines the flash period and then shuts the heat off until triggered again.
  1. Ceramic Flash – A constant heat Flash dryer usually constructed with infra-red ceramic elements giving a longer drying time than Quartz elements.
  1. Constant Heat IR Quartz Flash – A continual heat Flash dryer constructed with infra-red quartz elements wired for single phase power, ideal for the backyard enterprises.
  1. Black Panel Flash for Automatic T-shirt printers – A continual heat Flash dryer made to dry all ink colours at the same rate. Normally different colours absorb heat at different rates, for example black absorbs more heat and is likely to scorch more quickly than lighter colours. Black Panel Flash dryers are ideal when used with white or metallic colours that will usually reflect the heat, rather than absorb heat.

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