T-Shirt Carousels

Anatol Thunder Industrial Screen Printing Press

Industrial-strength construction and innovative design combine to create the Anatol Thunder Manual […]

Anatol Lightning Commercial Manual Screen Printing Press.

The Lightning is Anatol’s commercial-grade manual screen printing press, designed for years […]

Anatol Tornado Manual Printing Press with Small Footprint

Perfect for shops tight on space, the Tornado packs serious features into […]

Vastex V-2000HD Industrial Manual Screen Printers

Built to last a lifetime    The Vastex V-2000HD Screen Printing Carousels […]

Vastex V-1000 Commercial Manual Screen Printers

Offering Diverse Capabilities, Quick Easy Start Ups and Precise Results.   This […]

Vastex V-100 Entry Level Manual Screen Carousels

Offering 1 -4 Colour printing ideal for Restricted Spaces, Mobile Shops and […]

Vastex V-10 CraftPrinter

The Vastex CraftPrinter ™ delivers 1 colour printing with ease.   Whether […]

Specialising in helping you determine the Screen Printing T-Shirt Carousel to suit your business.

From Entry Level Single and 4 Colour to 4 & 6 Colour Commercial through to 10 Colour Industrial T-shirt Carousels, Jigs or Presses; whatever you like to call them, we’ve got your back when it comes to Repeatable Hairline Registration with our Range of World Class Machinery

We have spent many years building relationships with reputable screen printing machinery companies to ensure that the carousels we offer our customers are reliable, durable and will offer good quality prints.

We Guarantee that our Screen Printing Carousels are NOT Made in China.

Buying Tip: Some things in life are just too cheap to buy – e.g. you wouldn’t buy a $5 bunch of flowers for a date you wanted to impress would you? So why frustrate yourself and hamper your business by buying not just inferior equipment, but equipment that just doesn’t work.  Too many printers come to us, unfortunately after spending money on machines that, couldn’t be built for the price they paid, to do the job they were meant to do.

Contact us for more information on the good quality screen printing carousels we sell and support with great after sales service.