Tunnel Dryers

Anatol Solutions Ultra Electric Dryer

The Anatol Solutions Ultra electric dryer uses forced air to create an […]

Anatol Solutions Electric Dryer

Anatol Solutions Electric Dryer offers an energy efficient and affordable plastisol dryer. […]

Vastex BigRed 4D Series Infrared Dryers

The Big Red 4D Tunnel Dryers offer a High Performance Infrared Dryer […]

EconoRed III – Screen Printing Dryer

This screen-printing dryer will cure plastisols, water-based inks and discharge at high […]

Vastex EconoRed II

EconoRed II – A High Production Infrared Conveyor Dryer The Vastex EconoRed […]

LittleRed – X3 Mid Level, 3 Heater -Infrared Conveyor Dryer

The Vastex LittleRed X3 tunnel dryer offers a Mid-Level Three Heater Infrared […]

Vastex LittleRed X2 Series Infrared Conveyor Dryers

Step up your printing abilities with this Mid-Level Dual Heater, Infrared Conveyor […]

Vastex LittleRed X1 Series Infrared Conveyor Dryers

The Little Red Series offer a Compact, Mid-Level Infrared Conveyor Dryer.   […]

Vastex D1000 Infrared Conveyor Dryer

The D1000 offers a compact Tabletop Tunnel Dryer that handles wide jackets, […]

Vastex D100 Infrared Conveyor Dryer

The Vastex D100 provides a compact entry level Infrared Conveyor Dryer. With […]

Tunnel Dryers offer a step up for many printing businesses as their ability to provide faster results with less effort, helps you meet your growing business demands.

There are a number of Tunnel/ Conveyor dryers out in the market and we recommend identifying the right tunnel dryer for your business.

Key Factors to consider when purchasing a Tunnel Dryer:

  • Even heat spread
  • Ability to tailor the heat and height to fulfil the requirements of various sized items.
  • Ability to tailor the speed of the belt to adjust to different curing times.
  • Results of each dryer with your Ink of Choice.
  • Durability/ quality of the belt
  • Extraction methods for fumes
  • Electrical compatibility with your business.

Tunnel dryers can help speed your business up and reduce costs with the reliability of a good cure.

Take a look at our range of Tunnel Dryers above and contact us with any questions you have or for our tunnel dryer recommendation to best suit your business needs.