Vastex International Machinery

Vastex V-10 CraftPrinter ™

The Vastex CraftPrinter ™ delivers 1 colour printing with ease.   Whether […]

Vastex BigRed 4D Series Infrared Dryers

The Big Red 4D Tunnel Dryers offer a High Performance Infrared Dryer […]

Vastex EconoRed II

EconoRed II – A High Production Infrared Conveyor Dryer The Vastex EconoRed […]

Vastex V-2000HD Industrial Manual Screen Printers

Built to last a lifetime    The Vastex V-2000HD Screen Printing Carousels […]

Vastex V-1000 Commercial Manual Screen Printers

Offering Diverse Capabilities, Quick Easy Start Ups and Precise Results.   This […]

Vastex V-100 Entry Level Manual Screen Carousels

Offering 1 -4 Colour printing ideal for Restricted Spaces, Mobile Shops and […]

Vastex E-200 Commercial Benchtop LED Units

Offering Ultra-Fast Exposure time, high resolution detail, a low energy consumption and […]

Vastex E2000- LED Screen Exposing Units

Offering Ultra-Fast Exposure time, high resolution detail, a low energy consumption and […]

Vastex LittleRed X2 Series Infrared Conveyor Dryers

Step up your printing abilities with this Mid-Level Dual Heater, Infrared Conveyor […]

Vastex LittleRed X1 Series Infrared Conveyor Dryers

The Little Red Series offer a Compact, Mid-Level Infrared Conveyor Dryer.   […]

Vastex D1000 Infrared Conveyor Dryer

The D1000 offers a compact Infrared Conveyor Dryer that handles wide jackets, […]

Vastex D100 Infrared Conveyor Dryer

The Vastex D100 provides a compact entry level Infrared Conveyor Dryer. With […]

Vastex AutoFlash – Automatic Flash Cure Unit

The AutoFlash upgrade rotates the head of the flash cure unit into […]

RedFlash – Premium Flash Cure Unit

The RedFlash Infrared Flash Cure Unit offers a high wattage and coil […]

Air Flash – High-Output Infrared Flash Cure Station

The Air Flash Infrared Flash Cure Unit offers an adjustable forced air […]

F Series Infrared Flash Cure Units

The F Series Infrared Flash Cure Units offer quality entry level flash […]

Leapfrog Machinery are proud to be the Australian Agents for Vastex.


Vastex offer a range of Screen Printing Equipment with patented inventions and benchmark standards. To this day, the company’s heavy-duty screen printing presses are guaranteed for an unprecedented 25 years.


Vastex is known to have a reputation of quality engineering and high performing equipment. As such, Leapfrog Machinery are proud is supply and service the Vastex market within Australasia; offering advice, support and demonstrations to their clients on the Vastex Advantage.


vastex-screen-printing-equipmentMany of the more popular Vastex models are featured above. visit the Vastex website to see the complete range available.


Contact Leapfrog Machinery +61 (0) 2 9482 4999  for a quote on any Vastex Machinery items and/or to determine the cost of a whole shop fit out.