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Used 14 colour TAS Hawk with two flash cure units – R4398

$15,000.00 + gst

Used 14 colour TAS Hawk with two flash cure units.

In working condition but does needs approx. 15K spent on it to bring it back to good condition (please see photos and videos for reference). Currently there are air leaks from under the base of the machine, screen locks and flood and squeegee cylinders. Flood and squeegee holders need replacing.

We are a authorised TAS technicians and can resurrect this machine back to its former glory for you or if you’re handy you can restore this yourself over a period of time as this machine does still work and can make you money as is.

Phone discussions with our technician are welcome to go through the current state of the machine and explain repairs needed in more depth.

Located at vendors premises in NSW.

This carousel has the potential to be great again if you’re prepared to invest some love into it!

Video links of the carousel:

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