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R4404 – Used SIAS Serifast Slide Table Flatbed Machine

$2,750.00 + gst

Used SIAS Serifast Slide Table Flatbed Machine in good working condition.

Max print size 1250 x 900 mm
Max frame size 1530 x 1370 mm
Vacuum Are 1250 x 900 mm
Max stock thickness: 5mm
Overall outside dimensions 1530 x 1370mm

3 phase power required.

Various squeegees and flood coaters up to 1250mm wide included. With several 1.2mm steel screens with 150 &120 mesh (some with patches).

Serifast grippers suit up to 3mm, but need adjusting for 5mm. There is a box of gripper parts included.

Located at vendors premises in SA.

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