Carousel T-Shirt Printers – Manual

Vastex V100-4 Colour, 4 Station with Stand – R3920

Second Hand Vastex V-100 4 Colours – 4 Stations with mobile stand […]

Price: $ 3,450.00

Price (excl GST)

Carousel & Ink Screen Printing Package – R3903

Carousel & Ink Screen Printing Package 6 Colour, 4 Rotating Base Side […]

Price: $ 2,950.00

Price (excl GST)

When looking for Second Hand Manual T-Shirt Printers, Leapfrog Machinery should be at the top of your list for sourcing reliable used machinery as they are the Used T-shirt printing machine specialists.

The manual screen printing machine or t shirt screen printing machine is a critical machine for the t shirt print shop and if you get that part of the print equation wrong then its game over. Many an imported screen printing carousel from Asia has caused heart ache.

Using a motor vehicle analogy Leapfrog Machinery’s philosophy regarding used screen printing machinery is: “it’s much wiser to buy a good second hand Mercedes, than a brand new Great Wall – the Mercedes was at least built well in the first place”

So make use of Leapfrog Machinery’s decades of experience in manufacture, sales and reconditioning of manual printing press and t shirt press machines.

See Leapfrog Machinery before you buy your next screen printing machine, or if you have a silk screen carousel for sale or printing press for sale, sell it here.

If you are looking for a New press;  many screen printers are saying the Vastex Printing Press is the best manual t shirt printing press in the world. Leapfrog Machinery is the Australian Vastex (USA) agent. View the Vastex Printing Press Range.

If your aim is to setup with minimum expenditure but with maximum assurance, then buy screen printing equipment or buy used screen printing equipment from a printing equipment supplier with a long standing history of importing and manufacturing screen printing machines, t shirt printing equipment, screen printing screens and screen printing supplies in Australia

Leapfrog Machinery will also put together a tailored Screen Printing Kit; either, New, Used or a combination to meet both your requirements and budget.


Contact Leapfrog Machinery today on +61 (0) 2 9482 4999 to discuss your business needs.