Dryers – Electric, Gas T-shirt Tunnel Dryers

Single Phase T-shirt Tunnel Dryer – R3743

Custom tunnel dryer 2.5 x .5m Single-phase 20Amp single phase power. Belt […]

Price: $ 1,490.00

Price (excl GST)

Leapfrog Enviro-Dry Electric Dryer – R3733

Single Phase Tunnel Dryer with ceramic heaters, digital temp control, belt speed […]

Price: $ 3,250.00

Price (excl GST)

Leapfrog EnviroDry Tunnel Dryer- R3709

EnviroDry Model 3007 Electric Tunnel dryer for sale. With ceramic elements, digital […]

Price: $ 3,250.00

Price (excl GST)

HeatSeeker Electric Tunnel Dryer – R3668

HeatSeeker Electric Tunnel Dryer. 2000 x 600mm wide belt. Complete with Ceramic […]

Price: $ 1,590.00

Price (excl GST)

ADTEC Tunnel Dryer – R3637

Adtec Dryer. 3 Phase, 35Amps. Overall length: 3m. Lead In: 60cm. Lead […]

Price: $ 3,250.00

Price (excl GST)

Leapfrog HeatSeeker 3000 Tunnel Dryer – R3605

Grab a bargain with this HeatSeeker 3000 Tunnel Dryer. In very good […]

Price: $ 1,995.00

Price (excl GST)

Adtec UHP 1200 Tunnel Dryer- R3490

UHP 1200 Electric Tunnel Dryer 7.5m in length with 1.2m wide belt. […]

Price: $ 6,490.00

Price (excl GST)

Textile Dryer Belt – R3564

Belt dimensions are 85.5cm wide. 11.76cm long. Good condition. Minor cuts at […]

Price: $ 390.00

Price (excl GST)

Large Second Hand Teflon Belt – R3561

Large Second Hand Teflon Belt for sale. Dimension are 14.38m long x […]

Price: $ 450.00

Price (excl GST)

Adelco KORNIT Breeze Dryer R3060

In Immaculate Condition!! ADELCO ELECTRIC DRAWER DRYER. A great opportunity exists to […]

Price: $ 4,950.00

Price (excl GST)

The Tunnel Dryer, T-shirt dryer or Conveyor dryer is an essential piece of machinery for the print shop wanting to engage the most efficient means of curing t-shirts whether using water based inks, discharge or plastisols.


The most common types of t shirt conveyor dryers use electric heaters, namely Infrared heaters or IR lamps for drying, positioned over a moving belt or conveyor which moves the t shirt through at a suitable speed to cure the t shirt or item being cured.


As well as electric dryers there are also Gas drying ovens which do the same job and depending where you are and your proximity to natural or LPG gas can be equally or more cost effective than an electric infrared conveyor dryer, although initial outlay is usually higher.


The most popular silk screen conveyor dryer is the mini conveyor dryer which is usually a single phase t-shirt dryer catering for start-up screen printers who need to use a t shirt tunnel dryer or screen printing dryer from home or studio.


Over the decades Leapfrog Machinery has sold hundreds of screen printing conveyor dryer and is familiar with the strengths and limitations of most models, so be confident that they can find your ideal new or second hand tunnel oven to fit your budget.


Now for a sneak look at one of the most popular dryers in our range of new Vastex dryers is the D-100 benchtop dryer that operates on Single phase 10 Amp power. 


Leapfrog Machinery also offers a very competitive screen printing conveyor dryer replacement belt service.


Many screen printing dryer belt replacements occur years after the dryer is purchased, however incorrect fitting or tensioning can lead to early wear. If you’d like to receive a Money Saving Maintenance Tip of the Month email from Leapfrog Machinery click on the button below for a free subscription.


And Remember if you have a second hand drying tunnel for sale, call Leapfrog Machinery (02) 9482 4999 to find out about their Free Used Machinery Marketing Service.