Exposure, Screen Making & Washout Area Equipment

Leapfrog Stainless Steel Separation Tank – R3822

Leapfrog Stainless Steel Separation tank with St/Steel Seive and baffles. Elevated to […]

Price: $ 625.00

Price (excl GST)

PAYNE – NOREGA Exposure System – R3799-V2

Get this 2Kw Metal Halide Exposure System including floor stand lamp and […]

Price: $ 1,690.00

Price (excl GST)

Ryonet Black plastic dip/strip tank – R3790

Ryonet Black plastic dip/strip tank   685mm h x 940mm l x […]

Price: $ 320.00

Price (excl GST)

AUSCREEN 3kW Exposure lamp – R3694

AUSCREEN 3kW Exposure lamp. Single Phase 20Amp Instant start Quality unit made […]

Price: $ 2,350.00

Price (excl GST)

Payne Exposure Vacuum Frame – R3664

Payne Exposing Vacuum Frame. Inside dimensions are 2100mm long by 1630mm wide. […]

Price: $ 1,190.00

Price (excl GST)

Leapfrog Lunar LED Exposure Cabinet – R3662

Leapfrog Lunar LED Expsoure Cabinet. Single Phase 10 AMP Power. Machine will […]

Price: $ 4,500.00

Price (excl GST)

Jones Bros UV Exposure Lamp – R3655

UV Expsoure Lamp. 1.2kw (4 x 300watt lamps) UV Floor Stand Exposure […]

Price: $ 690.00

Price (excl GST)

Large Wall Mount Vacuum Frame – R3571

Large Wall Mount Vacuum frame in as new condition Inside Frame Dimensions: […]

Price: $ 0.00

Price (excl GST)

Payne Vacuum Frame – R3508

Payne Vacuum Frame With inside frame dimensions of 1500 x 1240mm. Comes […]

Price: $ 850.00

Price (excl GST)

Reservoir Black light exposure cabinet – R3486

Reservoir Black light exposure cabinet. Single phase 10 AMP power. Size: 1300 […]

Price: $ 750.00

Price (excl GST)

SPS Coating Tray- R3298

Used SPS Coating Tray for sale. Stainless Steel in very good condition 1205mm […]

Price: $ 49.00

Price (excl GST)

Another area Leapfrog Machinery can save you time and money by providing great offerings in the Exposure Department.


From Used Exposure Equipment like Metal Halide Lamps, to Black Light UV Cabinets, Vacuum Frames and occasionally even LED units – if you want one make sure you are subscribed to the Used Machinery Email Alert service which is published fortnightly and gives you the heads up on newly listed used equipment and supplies that come on the market.


All sorts of machinery & accessories for the Darkroom and Washroom have come up over the years, including screen stretchers, mesh tension meters, high pressure washout guns, emulsion coating trays and the occasional recycle unit, and many wash troughs, both backlit and standard.


So keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to get your washout area equipment for less!