Heat Transfer & Sublimation Presses

You can find many a good brand name used heat press on the Leapfrog Machinery and usually for a significant saving compared to the price of a new press.


When it comes to heat presses, there is a price threshold that directly correlates to the price paid.

Many a person has risked buying an ebay heat press, only to find the seller has vanished soon after, and there is no back up or support, or supply avenue for spare parts.


Some press prices are just too cheap to provide the essential reliable, consistent functioning necessary to give you the quality transfer or print you need to build a successful business.

Selective purchasing of a good used brand name heat press can be a far better proposition than buying a no name cheap press. Smarter thinking, using a car analogy says, “it’s better to buy a good used Mercedes Benz than a brand new Great Wall – at least the Mercedes was designed to work properly in the first place”


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