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Anatol Solutions Electric Dryer

Anatol Solutions Electric Dryer offers an energy efficient and affordable plastisol dryer.


Ideal for t-shirt and textile printers, the Solutions Electric Dryer will cure plastisol ink quickly. Combining user friendly features found in the touchscreen operating system along with the ability to program up to 9 job settings, you can set and forget. Set a work schedule to have your dryer automatically start up and shut down at specific times throughout the week.


For those keen on understanding your business costs and power consumptions, the Anatol operating system allows you to view daily or total power consumption.


The Solutions Dryer features a solid-state variable belt speed controller, automatic cool down mode and ceramic elements.  Available in seven configurations, there is sure to be a size ideal for your business.


Model Belt Width Heat Chamber Overall Length Standard In-feed/ Out-feed Wattage Pieces per hour Power Requirements
SED-2404A-5850 61cm (24”) 122cm


274cm 150cm 5850  W 120-200 1 Ph, 208-230 V, 5.85 kW, 29A, 50/60Hz
3 Ph, 208-230 V, 5.85 kW, 17A 50/60 Hz
SED-2404A-7800 61cm (24”) 122cm


274cm 150cm 7800 W 150-250 1 Ph, 208-230 V, 7.8 kW, 38A, 50/60Hz
3 Ph, 208-230 V, 7.8 kW, 23A 50/60 Hz
SED-3606A-15600 92cm 183cm 360cm 150cm 15600 W 400-600 1 Ph, 208-230 V, 15.6 kW, 76A, 50/60 Hz
3 Ph, 208-230 V, 15.6 kW, 43A 50/60 Hz
SED-3610A-23400 92cm 290cm  615cm 300cm 23400 W 550-800 3 Ph, 208-230 V, 23.4 kW, 66A 50/60 Hz
SED-4810A-26000 122cm 290cm  590cm 300cm 26000 W 700-950 3 Ph, 208-230 V, 27.3 kW, 77A 50/60 Hz
SED-6010A-31200 152cm 290cm  590cm 300cm 31200 W 900-1200 3 Ph, 208-230 V, 35.1 kW, 98A 50/60 Hz



  • In-feed, Out-feed extensions
  • Outfeed cooling fan to boost ink curing


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If you prefer a dryer with air to speed up the curing process, take a look at the Anatol Solutions Ultra Dryer.


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