Start-Up T-Shirt Printing Packages

Having the right T-Shirt printing equipment initially can help your business start on the right foot, so you can focus your efforts on growing your business.

With many years of experience in the T-Shirt Printing Industry, Leapfrog Machinery have created the below 4 Start-up Printing Packages for T Shirt Printers.

Each printing kit is designed to help you have everything you need to get your business up and running.

Depending on your printing needs, you may wish to upgrade the carousel and or add additional printing equipment to your start up package. The team at Leapfrog Machinery are happy to create a tailored printing kit for you or to add and modify their current kits to best suit your printing business needs.

Simply call them on +61 (0) 2 9482 4999 to determine the start-up printing package best for your business.

Leapfrog Machinery also have a range of pre-loved screen printing machinery to offer your business quality machines at a lower investment.



Single Colour T-Shirt Printing Starters Kit

1x Vastex V100-11 (1 Colour, 1 Station) Benchtop Printer
2x aluminium screens, 50 x 60cm (outside dimensions), 43T mesh
1x squeegee, 320mm (Alum/Black Rubber)
1x 1Ltr Permaset Table Adhesive
Permaset inks
1x300mL Jet Black
1x300mL Blue B
1x300mL Mid Yellow
1x300mL Bright Red
1x300mL Green B
1x300mL Supercover White
1x1L Printpaste
Kit Price $1,750 + gst


Multicolour (water based) T-shirt Printing Kit

(Stencil making Outsourced or See Our Stencil Making Kit to do your own.)
Printing Kit includes:
1 x Vastex V100-14 (1 Station, 4 Colour) Benchtop carousel
1x Heat gun
4x aluminium screens, 50x60cm (outside dimensions), with 43T mesh
4x squeegees, 35 cm, black rubber blade
Permaset inks:
1x1L Jet Black
1x1L Printpaste
1x300mL Blue B
1x300mL Mid Yellow
1x300mL Bright Red
1x300mL Green B
1x300mL Purple
1x300mL Standard White
1x300mL Supercover white
1 x 1Ltr Permaset Table Adhesive
Kit Price $2,690 + gst

Stencil Making Kit – Product Code SM50

Buy the above Multicolour (water based) T-shirt Printing Kit, which entitles you to buy the Stencil Making Kit Valued at $930 + gst for Only $850 + gst. A Saving of $80 + gst
Kit includes:
1x900ml Emulsion – dual purpose (waterbased plastisol)
1x1kg Degreaser/haze remover
1x100g Stencil stripping concentrate
1x Emulsion coater with detachable plastic end caps to suit screen
1xStudente 25W UV LED Exposure Setup – Overhead type


Business Basic Kit

Everything you need to get your printing business running smoothly.

Kit includes:
1 x Vastex V100- 4 Colour, 4 Station Benchtop Printing Carousel.
1 x Vastex F100 Flash cure unit
Permaset inks (Black 1L, Blue B 300ml, Bright Red 300ml, Green B 300ml, Mid Yellow 300ml, Supercover white 300ml)
1x Leapfrog Studente UV LED Exposure Setup – Overhead type
Emulsion for stencil making – stencil making
Emulsion coater 42cm– stencil making
Degraser / haze– stencil making
Stripper – Stencil remover
4x aluminium squeegees with poly blade, 34cm long – for applying ink to t-shirts
4x screens 500x600mm (outside dimensions) with 43T mesh
2x 500ml Table Adhesive – to hold t-shirts in place while printing
Business Basic Kit Price $6,825 + gst