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Cure your screen quickly and efficiently with the Aurora UV LED Exposure Unit.


Designed for fast, one touch operation these exposure units will expose your screens within seconds to give you sharp detail, high resolution half-tones and even exposure across the whole screen.


Utilising a high efficient UV LED system, the Aurora reduces the power consumption required to less than half that required by a metal halide unit. The LEDs will also save you time as they do not require warm up or cool down time. In addition to this, the long-lasted LEDs are designed to last 50,000 hours; providing optimised light saturation.


Utilising the 7.5” control interface touch screen, you can adjust your exposure times, vacuum delays and determine in you would prefer to expose screens in Automatic mode or Manual mode. The Aurora system allows users to program and save up to 8 settings for quick recall and consistent stencil making. See it in action below:


The Blanket on the Aurora is designed to provide optimal vacuum seal around the screen frame, film positive and glass; ensuring high resolution exposure. The Flip-latch on frame allows one-handed operation of opening and closing the vacuum frame.


Made from a heavy duty steel cabinet to provide a long lasting piece of machinery.


Available in both benchtop models and stand along larger Exposure Units, the Aurora UV LED Exposure Unit is available in the following configurations:


Model Max. Screen Frame Size Power Requirements
AURORALEDEXP-23X33 23” x 33”

(58cm x 84cm)

will fit 60 x 80cm screens.

Single Phase, 220V, 5A


AURORALEDEXP-26X36 26” x 36”

(66cm x 91cm)

Single Phase, 220V, 5A


AURORALEDEXP-33X46** 33” x 46”

(84cm x 117cm)

Single Phase, 220V, 7.5A


AURORALEDEXP-52X36** 52” x 36”

(132cm x 91cm)

Single Phase, 220V, 7.5A



*Stand included, except 23″ x 33″ tabletop model

**Can expose two smaller screens at the one time.


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