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Offering fast flash curing to save energy while keeping your production levels high.


Ideal for large scale production set ups, the Rapid Wave Automatic Flash Cure Unit features ultra-fast medium wave quartz lamps with variable lamp intensity control.

Get the results you want, in the time you need.



Designed for use with the Anatol Automatic Screen Press, the Rapid wave features a built in temperature sensor which enables you to set precise curing temperatures from the touchscreen of your auto.


By horizontally arranging the bulbs, the rapid wave automatic flash cure unit utilises more bulbs than other available flash curers to provide faster results from thorough curing and precise control over intensity.


The Rapid Wave Flash has three heat zones that can be activated independently or in combination: front, centre and back.


With a durable, heavy-duty steel construction; the Rapid Wave Flash can be mounted on an optional height-adjustable floor stand or the head of an Anatol automatic press.

Model Size Single Phase
Electrical Requirements
Three Phase
Electrical Requirements
RWQF-1616 16″ x 16″
41cm x 41cm
RWQF-1618 16″ x 18″
41cm x 46cm
RWQF-2021 20″ x 21″
51cm x 54cm
RWQF-2028 20″ x 28″
51cm x 71cm
Not Available in Single Phase 63 AMPS
RWQF-3040 30″ x 40″
71cm x 102cm
Not Available in Single Phase 98 AMPS


Optional Features:

  • Steel flash cure stand
  • Sensor to trigger stand-mounted flash unit with the rotation of the pallets to use with manual presses
  • Foot pedal to manually activate a stand-mounted Rapid Wave Flash to work with manual presses
  • Timer to control how long unit will stay on once activated


Contact Leapfrog Machinery for a quote today and increase your production rates with this fast, effective Automatic Flash Cure Unit.

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