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Thermotron BC41 & BC41M Automatic Print & Attachment Machine (Labels & Barcodes)

The Thermotron BC41 & BC41M automatic machines print and attach labels and barcodes on the plastic bags that contain the garments. The BC41 has been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for easy and efficient printing and attaching barcode
labels on plastic bags containing garments, as they come from PV40 bagging machines or the KL60, TH44 & SB50 sealing machines. The BC41 output depends on the production speed of the STP1000 folding machine and its operator.

The BC41 unit consists of a wireless barcode scanner, a thermal & thermal heat transfer printer, a label attachin

g system and, lastly, a barcode printing quality verifier. The BC41 automatic printing and labelling machine is offered either as a standalone unit along with the MT1775 garment conveyor belt, to create the BC41M machine, or combined with the PV40, KL60, TH44 & SB50 machines, as part of the Thermotron comprehensive folding and packing solutions. The BC41 & BC41M machines are robustly built and require minimum maintenance.

Made in Greece, but supplied by Leapfrog Machinery so contact us today for your tailored quote.

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