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Thermotron NT50 Automatic Stacking Machine

The Thermotron NT50 Automatic Stacking unit is an automatic stacking machine for the folded garments coming out of the STP1000
automatic folding machine.

NT50 stacks the folded garments that come from the STP1000 automatic folding machine. It can stack folded garments with maximum folded width between 15-32cm. The maximum stacking height is 35cm. NT50 may sort garments in stacks and the size of the stack can be selected on the touchscreen at the front of the STP1000 folding machine. Once the NT50 has created a stack with the desired number of garments, as selected on the STP1000 interface, it automatically pushes the stack onto the conveyor belt. NT50 is robustly build and requires minimum maintenance.

Made in Greece, but supplied by Leapfrog Machinery so contact us today for your tailored quote.


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