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Thermotron STP1000 Automatic Folding Machine

The Thermotron STP1000 is an automatic folding machine for readymade garments, which completes the folding in one operating cycle, quickly, quietly and accurately. The machine requires only one operator and is designed to fold sweaters, pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, undershirts etc.

The settings can be easily modified within the specified garment sizes, so the machine can handle textiles of different types and dimensions, and a variety of folding styles. Its usual output is up to 14 garments per minute (as measured at our facilities), which can be accomplished through the 5 basic programs. The speed of the operator is an important factor affecting the machine output, along with the program that is selected on the machine interface and the type of the garment.

STP1000 is a robust unit, requiring minimum maintenance. STP1000 is offered either as a standalone unit or in combination with other machines, as part of a Thermotron folding and packing station.

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