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Vastex C-1000 Semi-Auto Screen Coater Rack

Upgrade your screen coating abilities with the C-1000 to achieve repeatable results.

Using a foot pedal control, the Semi-Automatic Screen Coater causes the screen to descend at a steady rate. This enables a scoop coater to be held more steadily with two hands rather than one-handed manual coating methods. The rate at which the screen travels during the downward coating stroke can be adjusted according to emulsion viscosity, screen mesh and emulsion thickness to output as many as 50 screens per hour, each with three coats of emulsion.


The Vastex C-1000 will accommodate screens as small as 25cm and up to 90 cm in height with almost no width limitation.

The Spring-loaded clamp securely holds wood, aluminium and retensionable frames up to 5 kg in weight.



Achieve consistent, repeatable results by setting the Digital voltmeter to suit your preferences. The Digital voltmeter allows settings of a specific coating speed based on the voltage reading while the powerful motor provides smooth motion and handles heavy screens.

Easy to use, as no tools needed to make height or screen length adjustments. With a space saving, wall mounted design, the C-1000 comes with all wall mount hardware needed as standard.


Change your screen height adjustment quickly to keep your shop performing to maximum capacity.


Includes a scoop coater shelf and foot pedal operation.


Contact Leapfrog Machinery for pricing and availability of the Semi-Auto Screen Coater Rack.


Also available is a Manual Screen Coater which can be wall mounted or put on a stand.

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