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  • Speeds the cooling of screen-printed and inkjet-printed garments, caps, koozies, umbrellas and hard goods as they exit a dryer’s heating chamber, rapidly cooling/hardening hot ink that is soft or tacky, and making printed items easy to fold or package.
  • Houses tightly-spaced mini fans providing uniform airflow across the printed item, angled outward to avoid blowing cool air into the heating chamber.
  • Height adjustable to accommodate thin to bulky items.
  • Independent power

Model CAB-30 houses five fans, and adjusts to fit any Vastex or other dryer having a 33 to 39 in. (83.8 to 99 cm) wide conveyor. A CAB-30-240 model is available for 240V systems.

Model CAB-54 includes nine fans and fits any Vastex or other dryer with a 57 to 63 in. (144.8 to 160 cm) wide conveyor. A CAB-54-240 model is offered for 240V systems.

Made in the United States of America with service and warranty backed by Leapfrog Machinery in Australia.

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