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Vastex D1000 Infrared Conveyor Dryer

The D1000 offers a compact Tabletop Tunnel Dryer that handles wide jackets, pants and images.


With a dense coil patterns, heater shields and a 0.98 watt per sq. cm infrared heater to eliminate hot and cold spots, the D1000 dryer offers a great entry level benchtop dryer for your screen printing needs.


The D1000 features a 66cm (26 in) wide by 116.8cm (46 in) long conveyor belt.

Adaptable to your business needs, the D1000 is expandable. You can add a front conveyor extension (25cm) which increases the standard in-feed of 38cm to 63.5cm for heavier or larger garments.

Compact; at only 142cm long and 82cm wide, the D1000 fits on tabletops and utility carts with tops as small as 76cm square including the Vastex S1-27 optional mobile stand. Its smaller size and flexible options make the D1000 dryer ideal for mobile screen printers, at home printers, trade-shows, fairs and other screen printing events.


  • Equipped with a 51cm (20 in.) wide by 41cm (16 in.) long, 2050 watt heater. With an outstanding 15-year warranty as with all Vastex infrared heaters.
  • Variable controls for both heat intensity and conveyor speed. Allowing screen printers to fine-tune the drying process according to ink type, coverage, desired cure temperature, and rate at which items are being printed.
  • The heater can be raised, lowered and pivoted using lock knobs on the sides of the heating chamber. Enabling printers to dry a range of thicker garments and/or change the angle of printed images on irregularly shaped items.
  • Providing uniform curing of the printed area using minimum energy.
  • Heater shields are included as standard to maximize edge-to-edge temperature consistency for increased image quality.
  •  Teflon coated fiberglass belt with tracking system
  • 110+* shirts per hour with plastisol and 50+* with discharge


Belt Width: (max garment width) 66cm (26″)

Heater Width: 51cm (20″)

Maximum Image Width: 48cm (16″)


Model S1-27 Stand

Optional stand with wheels.


Similar to the D1000,  the Vastex D100 Infrared Dryer offers a slightly smaller, a little slower and more affordable option for those wanting the convenience of a tunnel dryer with minimal expense.

*Cure times are 25% below actual test results. Production may vary based on ink, environment and other variables.

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