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Vastex E2000- LED Screen Exposing Units

Offering Ultra-Fast Exposure time, high resolution detail, a low energy consumption and 50,000+ hour bulb life.


The Vastex LED Exposing Units are as fast as metal halide while offering a high quality outcome with very fine detail and halftones at 85 lpi. In addition to their speed, they offer the benefit of operating at 20% of the power required for metal halide.


The Vastex E2000 offers a LCD Touch Screen with accurate, user-friendly controls and the ability to set 10 presets. The timers control lights and the vacuum precisely and the Powerful Vacuum hold down provides excellent screen-to-film contact.


They will expose any emulsion and are durable, holding up against plastisol, water based and solvent based inks.


The E2000 LED Exposure Units are available in two sizes:

Model E2-2536 – 63 x 91 cm  (25 X 36 in.) max screen O.D. Contains Six 76cm (30 in.) LED light bars

Model E2-5236 – 132 x 91 cm (52 x 36 in.)  Max screen O.D. or (2) 63 x 91 cm (25 X 36 in.) max screen O.D. Contains twelve 76cm (30 in.) LED light bars

Both models come standard with Sturdy Legs.

Each Vastex E2000 Exposure Unit is GUARANTEED
3 Year warranty against manufacturer’s defects*
5 Year warranty on LED lights

* Excludes rubber blanket.

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