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The multi-purpose LittleRed X3D infrared Dryers will help you cure everything from DTG printed textiles to plastisol, water-based and discharge-printed garments.


With higher rates than conventional dryer designs the LittleRed X3D series can help speed up your productivity as well as output levels.


Available in various sizes to suit all business space and printing requirements, the LittleRed X3D belt width can be either 76, 137, or 198 cm (30, 54 and 78 in.).  Featuring a high-powered pre-heating zone that brings the temperature past  149°C (300°F) within several inches of conveyor travel, it maximises the distance and dwell time for optimum curing of any ink; allowing increased conveyor belt speeds and dryer output.


There are three models in the LittleRed X3-D series and there features are below:


Model Belt Width # of Infrared Heaters Power Supply Required Cure Rates: Plastisol Cure Rates: Water-based/discharge printed Cure Rates: DTG with digital white ink @3min
LittleRed X3D-30 30in (76.2cm) 3. Total of 8900W Three Phase, 20 AMP 360 185 51
LittleRed X3D-54 54in (137cm) 3. total of 17,800W Three Phase, 20 AMP 720 370 103
LittleRed X3D-78 78in (198cm) 3. Total of 26,700W Three Phase, 40 AMP 1080 555 155

The LittleRed X3D 30 and 54 models come with an overall conveyor belt length of 224cm (88 in.) long. The LittleRed X3D-78 version has an overall length of 160cm (102 in.)

The heating chamber for all three models is 104cm (41 in.) long and features a powerful, exhaust system to rapidly remove moisture and air contaminates, as well as cooling the skin and controls.

The LittleRed X3D models can be optioned up to accommodate a second X3 chamber, which  can handle the higher production, including longer times necessary for Kornit printers.

To find out more about these printers or to see one in Action, contact Leapfrog Machinery on (0)29482 4999

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