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Vastex Return-Belt Conveyor Dryer

  • Returns cured garments to the front of the dryer while they cool, ready for folding and packaging
  • Allows conveyor dryer to be positioned closer to a wall without the need of a catch bin, saving space
  • Positioned between two presses, shops can print the front with one press and print the back with the second press as the garment comes back off the return conveyor
  • Available for LittleRed, Little Red D Series and EconoRed dryers with 30, 54 or 78 in. (76, 137 or 198 cm) wide belts
  • Can also be added as a retrofit to many existing dryers

As with all Vastex conveyor dryers, both belts can be lengthened to serve multiple printers and/or to accommodate additional modular heating chambers which increase capacity (belt speed) in direct proportion to the number of chambers added.

Made in the United States of America with service and warranty backed by Leapfrog Machinery in Australia.

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