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Vastex V-1000 Commercial Manual Screen Printers

Offering Diverse Capabilities, Quick Easy Start Ups and Precise Results.


This medium duty screen printing carousel offers quality at an affordable price. The Vastex V-1000 offers Floating heads, steel pallets, micro-registration and a 3-year warranty. In addition to this, you can choose the configuration to best suit your printing business; from 1 to 8 stations and 1 to 8 print heads.



The Vastex V-1000 Screen Printing Carousel comes with:

  •  Long lasting Steel Pallets w/ rubber tops –(interchangeable with the V-2000**)
  • Accurate Micro-registration
  • It holds accurate multicolour printing registration, making it precise
  • The innovative Floating Head with 3 point bearing lock, allows multiple heads down for printing
  • The V-1000 is adjustable with 6 way head levelling adjustment
  • Holds up to  51 x 61 cm (21″ x 28″) screens
  • The Vastex V-1000 is Made in the USA and comes with a 3 year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. It is supplied and supported Australia Wide by Leapfrog Machinery
  • The V-1000 uses the industry’s most unique floating head design, ensuring accurate registration can be achieved without high costs usually associated with machines of this capacity.


V-1000-tabletop-carouselThe V-1000 screen printing Carousels are available in both tabletop and floor standing models.

The Vastex V-1000 Tabletop carousels are available in the following formats: 1 Colour, 1 Station up to 6 Colour, 1 Station.

The Floor standing carousels can are available from one-station/ one-color to 8-stations/ 8-colors in increments of one station and/or one colour.


Fully expandable, they allow growing printing businesses to start small and add stations and print heads as required.


View the range of V-1000 Pallets and accessories available to enhance printing on sleeves, legs, bags, caps and more!


V-1000 HD Head upgrade

V-1000 HD Head upgrade

You can also upgrade your V-1000 with an HD Head Upgrade. This upgrade allows you to use larger screens and pallets along with the DiGiT numbering attachment.


Optional screen printing utility carts are available for tabletop models. These Utility Carts are equipped with screen shelves, an ink shelf and locking casters.


To complete your screen printing business take a look at the E-200 LED exposure unit with a vacuum pump and long-lasting LED light pack, the F-Series Flash Cure Unit, and a tunnel dryer.

Contact Leapfrog Machinery on (02) 9482 4999 for pricing and to order your Vastex Screen Printing Carousel.

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