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This entry level exposure unit is ideal for printers looking for a good exposure in a fast time at a reasonable price.


The E-20 Exposure Unit offers LED bulbs to provide fast exposure times and a pressure pad to create good glass to positive screen contact, producing high resolution half-tones and crisp detail. This entry level exposure unit will work with any emulsion.


Expose 51x61cm (20×24″) max screen size. Screens larger than 20×24″ (51x61cm) will fit on top of unit, but the image area should be limited to 31x38cm (12″x15″).


Ideal for hobby printers, start-up screen businesses and those with limited electricity. The E-20 Exposure Unit uses under 1 amp of power! User friendly, the analog timer will automatically shut off the lights.


The E-20 comes with a 5 Year Warranty on the light bars.


This table top exposure unit has a chick, slim design which allows mounting on the S1-27 mobile cart, the UC-1000 utility cart. The utility cart is available with an optional light-tight door to store up to 10, ready-to-expose screens. It will also be able to mount to the drying cabinets.  Overall dimensions including pressure pad is 67x55x22cm (26.1×21.5×8.4″)

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