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Leapfrog Lunar Flip Style Vacuum Frame

Available in 2 Standard Sizes as well as the option for your own customised size.

The Lunar Flip Style Vacuum Frame is the traditional answer to exposing screens when using a separate light source.


The Standard Sizes available for the Lunar Flip Style are: Inside Vac Frame & Exposure area: 1300 x 1000mm, and 1700 x 1400mm

When choosing the right vacuum frame size for you, you should leave a space of at least 50mm on all sides between the outside edge of the screen frame and the inside edge of the vac frame.


The Lunar Flip Style Vacuum Frame offer Horizontal locking location for loading of screen with vertical positioning for exposure.


With Gas struts to hold the frame open for loading and Locking Latches to hold the glass and rubber frames firmly in position for a clean sharp exposure the Lunar Flip Style Vacuum offers convenience for the user without compromising the performance. In addition to this, the frame stand is mobile allowing you to save space when it is not in use.


The Lunar Flip Style Vacuum Frame is durable and made with good quality components. The Vacuum frame glass is made with toughened 6mm glass. We have a pliable and long lasting blanket – there are many blankets on the market, but our decades of experience means you get the best blanket for use and longevity. Suction for the Vacuum Frame is via a quiet electric Dry-vane pump. Stand & Frame work is constructed from Steel with Aluminium edging that attaches to the blanket. Base and frame is Powder coated for a durable finish.


With the Vacuum Frame operating on Single phase, 10Amp Power, it will fit into any studio or workshop.


All these features mean you get a Time Saving, Space Saving, Professional Exposure Frame that will give you decades of good service.

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