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Leapfrog Studente LED Exposure System

The Studente LED Entry Level Exposure System is designed for Students as well as Entry Level and Hobby Screen Printers; offering a Quick, Easy and Affordably priced alternative to Exposure Cabinets.

It also doesn’t face many of the same screen size restrictions as a traditional exposure cabinet as it can be expanded to accommodate various screens.


Powered with a 25W UV LED light specifically selected to operate at the correct light spectrum for Screen Printing Emulsions, the Leapfrog Studente will exposure your stencil in approximately 2 minutes. It comes with a push activated timer button to start and stop after a predetermined (and adjustable) time.


The Leapfrog Studente comes with ‘hold down’ exposure glass, a thick rubber base for the screen, timer control, UV LED light and 12 months warranty. A significant benefit of the Leapfrog Studente exposure system lies in that it exposes in the ‘read right’ position, making it easier for those learning the screen printing process.


Designed to be light weight and portable, while taking up minimal space. It can be packed down for easy storage and transport.


With no tools required for set up – any assemble is achieved via use of Hand wheels to fasten fittings – the Leapfrog Studente provides a simple and cost effective solution so you can have full control over your stencil making process.


Dimension when set up: 65cm wide x 70cm deep x 53cm high

Dimensions when folded down: 65cm wide x 70cm deep x 12cm high


See our video of the Studente below and contact us for a quote

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