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FlashBoss Quartz Flash Cure Unit

The next generation Flash Cure Unit to save you time and money!


Not only will the FlashBoss Flash Cure Unit utilise its 9 quartz elements to provide you with a consistent heat coverage and speed; its medium wave Infra-Red elements will cure your whites at the same rates as other colours to speed up your overall curing process.


Designed with printers in mind, you can load replacement elements into the spring loaded sockets yourself; eliminating additional costs of having to pay an electrician to change the elements. Not only will this save you money, it can be done quickly and when you need it done, so you don’t miss any important deadlines.

flashboss-quartz-flash-curerEquipped with a motorised head, you can use the remote control to activate the electric raise and lower feature. No longer will you need 2 staff to adjust the height of the flash head.

Smart in performance, the FlashBoss Flash Cure Unit contains 3 banks of elements, each with their controller so you can raise or lower the heat intensity in each; particularly useful when dealing with sensitive materials


Made in Australia, The FlashBoss is available in two sizes: 46 x 50cm and 50 x 65cm


Standard FlashBoss Features:

  • Electronic eye heat activation sensor
  • Adjustable Timed Heating
  • Fan forced Air
  • Rear mounting of Fans to minimise lint build-up
  • Variable Fan Speed
  • Mobile Stand with lockable castors
  • Powder coat paint finish

Available Models:

FlashBoss Q9 4650

Heat area of 460 x 500mm

Wattage: 9.9Kw

Power Connection: Supplied with 3 phase 20Amp 5 pin plug unless requested otherwise


FlashBoss Q9 5065

Heat area of 500 x 650mm

Wattage: 13.5Kw

Power Connection: Supplied with 3 phase 20Amp 5 pin plug unless requested otherwise


Contact Leapfrog Machinery on (0)2 9482 4999 for pricing or further details.

See the Two Key Features of the FlashBoss in action here:

View how to easy it is to change the elements in your Flash Cure Unit with the FlashBoss in our Video:

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