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Teflon Sheets help by providing a protective Non-stick Heat Resistant layer of material Between the Heat Plate and the Transfer or T-Shirt being pressed.

This ensures the Carrier film for the transfer etc doesn’t contact the Heat Plate Directly and possibly cause it to Melt on the plate. After a while Residual ink and film can build up on the Heat Plate and this is more difficult to clean off the heat plate than cleaning off or changing the Teflon sheet.

Another Use for the Teflon Sheet is to cover the Heat Press Base Pad, making it super easy to slide or thread the T-shirts onto the base, as it eliminates the Shirt from being grabbed by the edge of the rubber pad. Heat Resistant Tape (see below) can be used to fit the Teflon Sheet to the base.

Teflon is available in Sheets or Off the Roll as following:

50 x 40cm Sheets – Brown Teflon (Sometimes Avail in Black, and White)

By the Metre – 1m Wide (min 1m length) –Brown Teflon

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