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Vastex Conveyor Air Bar

Use the conveyor air bar to cool your garments down as they exit the tunnel dryer.


Ideal to stop hot ink from sticking, you can also advance the cooling of your garment for quick handling by operator.


The Conveyor Air Bar will mount to the rear conveyor of your Vastex Dryer along with many other brand dryers to cool the garments as they exit the chamber.



  • Tight spacing between fans for even airflow
  • Adjustable height for thicker substrates
  • Adjustable width for accurate fit
  • Angled to avoid air blowing into chamber


Available in two sizes:

CAB-30 is perfect for all 30” (76cm) Vastex Dryers. With 5 fans across the unit, to provide ideal cooling for garments.

For Non Vastex tunnel dryers, the outside conveyor width needs to be between 33”-39” or 83.8-99cm.


CAB-54 is designed for the 54” (137cm) wide Vastex Dryers. It consists of 9 fans to cover the belt width and provide even airflow.

For Non-Vastex dryers, the outside conveyor width needs to be between 57″-63″ (144.8-160cm)


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