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Inkjet film offers a UV transparent film for screen printers to produce high density positives without a darkroom or chemicals.


Suitable for use with standard inkjet printers, the Inkjet film is designed with a specially coated film for line work, along with half tone film positives and negatives.


Inkjet film is waterproof and offers dimensional stability without needing to modify your exposure times. It has a high UV density and DMax 4.5 is achievable with Inkjet film.


This premium Inkjet film is available now from Leapfrog Machinery in the following sizes: 

A4 (297 x 210cm)

A3 (420 x 297cm)

A3+ (330 x 483cm)

430mm x 60m Roll

610mm x 60m Roll


Also available is an everyday quality roll of 610 x 30m which will provide good density on most inkjet printers.

Contact Leapfrog Machinery for pricing and see the rest of our screen printing supplies here.

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