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The Green Stuff – Degreaser and Haze Remover

$36.50 + gst

The Green Stuff is an eco-friendly water based Dehazer, Degreaser and Abrader by Ryonet.


With 3 actions in one bottle, The Green Stuff will save you time and money when reclaiming.

It will shift difficult ‘hazed’ images out of the screen with ease and then abraid the screen; making your next stencil stick like glue to your screen mesh.


Designed to leave your fabric free of all oils and contaminant, this also reduces the incidence of pinholes.


Simply apply the Green Stuff to your mesh after stripping (usually with a screen scrubber), leave for 1-10minutes and gurney your screen. Blast your screen well on both sides and frame, and leave to dry.


As an added bonus, this stuff smells like bubble gum! No more dangerous harsh smelling chemi­cals in your wash out booth. Nothing preps your screens like the Green Stuff!


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