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Leapfrog New Silk Screens (Popular options: 40×50, 55×65 or 59×79)

So You Choose – imported or locally stretched or remeshed – whichever way You Save.

“We realise it can be tough out there and a Screen printer needs every true cost reduction they can get”

This quest to reduce costs can often result in buying inferior products thus exasperating the problem.

Leapfrog Machinery’s decades of experience means they’ve done the hard yards and, excuse the pun, “kissed too many frogs”, along the way to make sure the quality is right for you. As a result their silk screens; both imported and local and their silk screen remeshing services represent great value for money!

Their Aluminium screen frames are precision welded and stretched with screen mesh from the world’s leading Italian and Japanese manufacturers.

All meshes are adhered to the frames using famous Kiwo-bond adhesives.

The Most Common Sizes for Silk Screen Sizes Available are listed below:

400 x 500 mm OD (Outside Dimension)

500 x 600 mm OD  *Most Popular Manual Printing Screens

550 x 650mm OD

590 x 790 mm / 580 x 790 mm OD  * Most Popular Automatic Printing Screens

Mesh by the Metre or Roll

The Mesh counts we offer are as follows:

43T, 55T, 62T, 77T, 90T, 100T, 120T  and usually have stock of both White, and Yellow meshes.

And for those stretching their own screens the above meshes can also be purchased by the metre, or in a 30m roll

To Order or Request a Quote for Screens, Mesh or Remeshing

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