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My Heat Press Accessory Shop


To get the Best from your Heat Press there are some Essential, Useful, and above all, Time Saving Accessories that you can purchase Directly from the Importer, Leapfrog Machinery.

Teflon Sheets

heat-press-consumables-teflon-sheetsTeflon Sheets help by providing a protective Non-stick Heat Resistant layer of material Between the Heat Plate and the Transfer or T-Shirt being pressed. This ensures the Carrier film for the transfer etc doesn’t contact the Heat Plate Directly and possibly cause it to Melt on the plate. After a while Residual ink and film can build up on the Heat Plate and this is more difficult to clean off the heat plate than cleaning off or changing the Teflon sheet.

Another Use for the Teflon Sheet is to cover the Heat Press Base Pad, making it super easy to slide or thread the T-shirts onto the base, as it eliminates the Shirt from being grabbed by the edge of the rubber pad. Heat Resistant Tape (see below) can be used to fit the Teflon Sheet to the base.

Teflon is available in Sheets or Off the Roll as following:

50 x 40cm Sheets – Brown Teflon (Sometimes Avail in Black, and White)

By the Metre – 1m Wide (min 1m length) –Brown Teflon



heat-press-consumables-silicone-rubber-matsHeat Resistant Silicon Rubber is used as the Base material for nearly all presses on the market. It provides the right firmness for Transfers, and Sublimation prints alike, and withstands constant Heat and Pressure application for years if treated correctly.

If your Heat Press has a cracked, crumbling or split Rubber base, then it is time to buy a new one as it could and probably will be, affecting the integrity and longevity of the adherence of the transfer to the garment.

Silicon Rubber Base Pads are available in the following Specifications:

Thickness of Pads: 10mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Colour of Pads: Grey or Red, depending on Stock:

Stock Sizes:

38 x 38cm

50 x 40cm

60 x 40cm

Larger Custom Sizes Available by Order.




The Leapfrog Machinery High Raise Pads are Custom Cut Silicon Rubber pads that fit under the garment and Raise the transfer area above Buttons, Collars, Zippers, or Ribs that would otherwise Obstruct the Heat Plate applying the Necessary Heat and Pressure to Secure the Perfect Adhesion of your Transfer.

This more than any other pressing “Hack” will Speed up Your Heat Transfer Productivity

High Raise Pad Packs are available as a pack of 5 of the most commonly used sizes for Garment Transfers.


heat-press-heat-resistant-tapeHeat Resistant Tape is ideal for temporarily attaching your Transfer on the garment Prior to pressing to check Alignment and Positioning. As it is Heat Resistant it can remain in place throughout the Pressing Process as well.

Available in the following size and packs:

1 @ 9mm Wide Tape

5 @ 9mm Wide Tape Pack.


Pallet Peel

pallet-peelDesigned to stick onto your pallet; Pallet Peal, also known as Pallet Tape, reduces the work when printing.

Don’t waste time cleaning adhesive off your pallets.

Simply stick the Pallet Peal to your platen, spray with your adhesive and when it’s time for a change, simply peel it off and put a new sheet on.


Sold in a roll to keep the Pallet Peal in good condition, it also gives you the ability to cut it to your desired size.

Roll length 18 inches by 100 yards (452mm by 91m).

Contact Leapfrog Machinery to order any of these Valuable, Time Saving Heat Press Accessories.


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