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TAS 8 Colour 203L Series.

8 Colour / 10 Base

In very good condition and presentation,  and has lived a sheltered life, having originated from WA, where long runs and continuous operation are not the norm.

Turret Bearing and Enidine Cylinder – 2 indicators of machine wear – are good with plenty of life left in them.

The Print head switches on the control panel have been upgraded and just to make sure the Squeegee/Flood cylinders give the new buyer many years of trouble free service we are fitting all new air seals and  O Rings to these on all the 7 Print heads  (the flash head doesn”t need these in operation) .

With a 3.9m Diameter this L Series machine has a huge max print area of 500 x 600mm and . . .

Comes with 3 sets of Original TAS alum flash pallets:

Kids – 300 x 760mm

Youths – 360 x 760mm

Adults – 450 x 760mm

So it has you covered whatever size shirt you print.

This is a good genuine machine, with the industry respected TAS badge, so you know registration is never an issue.

An ideal way to increase your efficiencies and open up new client possibilities, and at a fraction of the price some pay to achieve this.

If there is a “No Brainer” in our lineup on this site, I’m nominating this machine.

Move quickly if you think it would suit your needs !

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