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Comet Lite – Manual Quartz Flash Cure Unit

Get the speed and efficiency of Quartz Flash Cure with the Comet Lite, an entry level Quartz Flash Cure Unit


This affordable quartz unit allows you to boost your shops efficiency without blowing the budget.


Easy to operate, all you need to do is set your curing time on the digital controller. The flash cure unit will then automatically detect when a garment is placed underneath and automatically activate and deactivate the quartz lamps. Giving you one less job to worry about.


Available in three sizes, the Anatol Comet Lite comes with a height-adjustable floor stand and is suitable for use with both Manual Carousels and Automatic Presses, making it a great all-round flash cure unit.


The Quartz lamps heat and cool quickly for faster operation and depending upon the size of flash chosen, you will have either 2 or 3 curing zones.


Size No. of Quartz Lamps No. of Curing Zones Electrical Requirements
16” x 18”
(40.6cm x 45.7cm)
9 2 1 Ph, 208-240V, 50/60 Hz, 9kW, 43A
3 phase 208V 25 A
20” x 24”
(50.8cm x 61cm)
10 2 1 Ph, 208-240V, 50/60 Hz, 12,5kW, 60A
3 phase 208V 35 A
20” x 28”
(50.8cm x 71.1cm)
15 3 1 Ph, 208-240V, 50/60 Hz, 18,75kW, 90A
3 phase 208V 52 A



Digital Temperature Control


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