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The V-100 Screen Printing Press provides a good quality press at an entry level.


Available in 1 Station, 1 Colour up to 4 Station, 4 Colours, you can option up this manual screen printing press with additional pallets. There are four pallets for suitable for the V100 printing press. Each pallet comes with pallet arm and pallet rubber.



V100P-1016 – Youth: 10 x 16” (25 x 41cm)

V-100P-1416 – Standard: 14 x 16” (36 x41cm

V100P-1620 – Oversized: 16 x 20” (41 x 51cm)

V100P-SLS416 – Sleeve: 4 x 16” (10 x 41cm)


View the V-100 Carousel here to see a fantastic entry level Manual Screen Printing Press ideal for live printing and start-up businesses.


Contact Leapfrog Machinery for pricing and availability of the V-100 Pallets.

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